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「Atom 1.15.0」が公開

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Atomのページにて、テキストエディタの「Atom 1.15.0」が公開されていました。

Release 1.15.0 · atom/atom · GitHub

  • Duplicate selections with multiple lines now behaves in a more intuitive way.
  • Added a core option for closing deleted file tabs, while the default remains keeping these tabs open to prevent potentially losing data.
  • Show cursor by default on MacOS.
  • Disable periodic serialization for large buffers to improve performance when editing large files.
  • Improvements to line tokenization to improve editor performance when opening files with large, uninterrupted lines, like minified JavaScript. Opt out of this behavior from certain grammars like language-gfm.
  • Remove projects correctly from the Windows jump list.
  • Node 6 is now required to build Atom.
  • Always reserve horizontal space for two digits on the line number gutter to prevent UI jitter when transitioning from 9 lines to 10 lines.
  • Add a setting to apply the Chromium proxy configuration to apm via env vars.
  • Show the default value in a tooltip when one is present in the settings view.


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