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「VLC for OS X 2.2.8」が公開

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Official Download of VLC media player for Mac OS X - VideoLANのページにて、メディアプレイヤーの「VLC for OS X 2.2.8」が公開されていました。

Changes between 2.2.7 and 2.2.8:

* Fix AVI invalid pointer dereferences

Translations updates

Changes between 2.2.6 and 2.2.7:

* Fix flac heap write overflow on format change
* Fix crash in libavcodec module (heap write out-of band) (CVE-2017-10699)
* Fix infinite loop in sami subtitle
* Fix AAC 7.1 channels detection

* Fix potential crash in ASX parser
* Fix AVI read/write overflow

Mac OS X:
* Fix compatibility with macOS High Sierra
* Fix regression in ASS subtitle decoding
* Fix crash during automatic update. Some users might need to manually
update to the newest version.

Video Output:
* Fix Direct3D9 output with odd offsets

* Fix crash in MTP
* Support libupnp 1.8

Translations updates


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