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公開 : 2019年6月6日

「OnyX 3.6.4 for macOS Mojave 10.14」が公開

Titanium Software - OnyXのページにて、メンテナンスアプリの「OnyX 3.6.4 for macOS Mojave 10.14」が公開されていました。


  • Issue corrected that occurred in some cases when deleting the applications cache
  • Deleting the applications logs improved
  • Fleet Lite web browser now recognized when cleaning Internet files
  • After a restart, the OnyX Log is correctly deleted now

公開 : 2019年6月6日

Daily Digest for June 5th

tumblr png macOS 10.15 Catalinaでは「User Consent」がさらに強化され、アプリがスクリーンキャプチャの撮影や書類、ダウンロードフォルダへのアクセスする際にユーザーの承認が必要に。
tumblr png macOS 10.14.3 MojaveまでのmacOSでシステム管理者権限なしにキーチェーンに保存されたパスワードを全て盗むことができ脆弱性「KeySteal」がGitHubで公開。
tumblr png macOS 10.15 CatalinaではシステムボリュームがRead-Onlyになり、アプリはユーザーデータのみにアクセス可能に。
tumblr png 「Sign In with Apple」、サードパーティーログイン採用の全アプリに義務化へ
tumblr png Appleがセキュリティで攻めに転じた「Sign In with Apple」のインパクト(松村太郎) #WWDC19 - Engadget Japanese
tumblr png Apple、1,500以上のベクター・シンボル「SF Symbols」と新しいSerifフォント「New York」を公開。
tumblr png DOS/V POWER REPORT、月刊から季刊へ | スラド
tumblr png Apple、macOS 10.15 Catalinaで「Quartz Composer」フレームワークを非推奨として、Core ImageやSceneKit、Metalフレームワークへの移行を促す。

公開 : 2019年6月5日

Daily Digest for June 4th

tumblr png 現地レポ:謎多き新OS「iPadOS」の全貌 —— アップル新戦略を探る
tumblr png macOS 10.15 Catalinaの日本語入力は新しいニューラル言語モデルを採用し、センテンスの初めに入力した単語を考慮した予測変換が表示される。
tumblr png 【実録】「アマゾン代引き詐欺」に巻き込まれると何が起こるか —— 現金を取り戻したある被害者の話
tumblr png macOS 10.15 CatalinaのBeta版にはレガシーなソフトウェアとの互換性を維持するためPython v2.7などの古いスクリプト言語を同梱。
tumblr png iOSから「iPadOS」への独立に期待すること(本田雅一) #WWDC19 - Engadget Japanese
tumblr png 新iPadOSで注目すべき9つの「異変」。iPadは極上の“仕事道具”になるか?
tumblr png macOS 10.15 Catalinaではbashに代わりzshがデフォルトシェルに。
tumblr png iTunesをこんまり──Appleが決断した3つの「進化と分割」(石川温) #WWDC19 - Engadget Japanese
tumblr png Apple、iPadOSを発表 - iPad向けに最適化されたiOSでマウスをサポート | ソフトアンテナブログ
tumblr png これはARじゃありません。正真正銘、本物の新しいMac Proです
tumblr png WWDC19でMac Pro 2019発表!
tumblr png Apple、MusicやPodcasts、TVアプリを追加し、iPadをApple Pencil対応のセカンドディスプレイとして利用できるSidecar機能を搭載した「macOS 10.15 Catalina」を発表。
tumblr png MacアプリとiOSアプリを1つのコードから作成「Project Catalyst」〜Twitter for Mac復活 #WWDC19 - Engadget Japanese
tumblr png iPad専用の新OS「iPadOS」が正式発表。「同じアプリを2つ並べる」が可能に #WWDC19 - Engadget Japanese
tumblr png Apple、「macOS Catalina」を発表
tumblr png アップル、iOS 13で iPhone 6 / 5sを切り捨て サポートせず #WWDC19 - Engadget Japanese
tumblr png Amazonギフト券の残高を現金で追加できる「Amazon Cash」が日本で開始
tumblr png macOS 10.15 Catalinaのシステム要件はMac Proのみ2013以降に変更され、その他のMacはmacOS 10.14 Mojaveと同じ2012年製以降が対応。
tumblr png メーリングリストの老舗「freeml」終了 22年の歴史に幕

公開 : 2019年6月3日

「Jedit Ω Rev 2.13」が公開

Jedit Ω | Artman 21のページにて、総合テキストツールの「Jedit Ω Rev 2.13」が公開されていました。



  • 複数一括置換セットの保存で検索オプションの状態も保存・復元されるようにした。
  • メニュー「JeditΩヘルプ」を選択したときヘルプウィンドウが最前面に表示されるようにした。


  • メニュー「対応する括弧」のバグを修正した。

公開 : 2019年6月2日

Daily Digest for June 1st

tumblr png macOS 10.14 Mojaveで導入されたAppleの公証をXcodeを使わずに取得するためのユーティリティ「SD Notary」がリリース。
tumblr png LINE Payが20%還元、6月1日から - Engadget Japanese
tumblr png 8月から期間固定Tポイントが「PayPay」での付与に - Engadget Japanese
tumblr png mineoが制限時の速度を大幅に引き上げるテスト実施、500kbpsや1Mbpsで検証
tumblr png 悪夢再び、iTunesでクレカ13万3600円不正利用される(顛末記) - Engadget Japanese

公開 : 2019年5月29日

「1Password for Mac 7.3」が公開

1Password for Mac Release Notesのページにて、パスワード管理ソフトの「1Password for Mac 7.3」が公開されていました。

通常は1Password 7の起動時に自動でバージョンアップされるので必要ありませんが、念のためダウンロードしておくとイイかもしれません。


  • 1Password mini is here with an all new design focused on making it as easy as possible to get your information out of 1Password and into the places where you need it.
  • 1Password mini now displays suggestions based on the contents of the web page you're viewing. {#3127}
  • Updated to the latest and greatest filling brain.
  • Introduced the ability to select all vaults belonging to a single account. {#425}
  • You can now drag and drop two-factor authentication codes from the item detail. {#3083}
  • The 1Password menu now has an "Unlock with Touch ID" option if Touch ID is available. {#2461}
  • The onepassword:// URL Scheme now supports viewing and editing items. You can also specify the vault UUID for these commands. {#3341}


  • Items can now be bulk restored from the trash via the context menu. {#3431}
  • Open and Fill now works if 1Password is set to "Open in Current Tab" and Safari 12.1 is set to "Empty Page" for new windows and tabs. {#204}
  • Improved performance when setting up from iCloud or Dropbox. {#3646}
  • The document preview in 1Password mini now allows you to drag and drop files from the preview. {#2838}
  • The troubleshooting utility can now be opened from the help menu if installed.
  • "Check For Updates" can now be disabled by Mobile Device Management profiles. {#3430}
  • You can now open the 1Password Preferences window from the 1Password mini gear button or by right clicking on the menubar icon.
  • When scanning a new two-factor authentication QR code, 1Password now puts the generated code on the clipboard for you to paste into the site requesting it.
  • ⌘+N can be used in 1Password mini to enter New Password mode. {#3441}
  • ⌘+S can be used in 1Password mini to manually save a Login from the current webpage. {#3441}
  • Improved the sign-in process when your Secret Key has changed. {#3467}
  • When using the keyboard shortcut to show 1Password mini, it is now anchored to the menu bar by default.
  • You can open the Categories menu in 1Password mini using the ⌘+⇩︎ shortcut. {#3334}
  • Updated the descriptions of Watchtower used throughout 1Password. {#3405}
  • 1Password mini now displays when a browser extension isn't connected. {b5x#875}
  • The Watchtower two-factor authentication banner now allows you to indicate you've set up two-factor authentication elsewhere.
  • 1Password mini to will now Quick Fill a login item even when there are password items with the same URL.
  • Improved the display of Document details in 1Password mini.
  • It's now even easier to enable Watchtower two-factor authentication checking. {#3286}
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the "Add 1Password Account" window from dismissing.
  • Updated our translations with the latest from our incredible translators on Crowdin.
  • Improved the speed of search.
  • Updated the Updater app icon.
  • Improved the detection of reused passwords. {#3265}
  • 1Password mini can now suggest passwords for Feedly, Dynalist, Mailplane, Pocket, and Slite when they are the frontmost apps.
  • When prompted to re-authenticate your 1Password account you can now scan your new Emergency Kit to populate the secret key and email address fields. {#2551}
  • The Edit menu now consistently calls out “Move Item to Trash” instead of “Delete”.
  • 1Password will now ensure that only one copy of itself is running at any one time.
  • Improved the handling of filling your information into web pages via the keyboard command. {#3290}
  • Touch ID message in clamshell mode has been improved. {#2684}
  • The Delete Vault command in the vault contextual menu is now separated from less dangerous commands. {#3070}
  • Added link CSV format instructions to the import window. {#1964}
  • Improved unlock speed when Touch ID is configured.
  • 1Password now warns you when it detects another copy running on your system.
  • You can now search for tags inside 1Password mini. {#3510}
  • 1Password mini will be shown when attempting to quick fill into a page with no recognizable fields. {#3468}
  • 1Password mini will always open to the last place you had it when opening with it ⌘+Option+\. {#3594}
  • Added the ability to drag and drop notes fields in 1Password mini. {#3384}


  • Fixed an issue where passwords could be copied from the password generator without being automatically saved.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the main window to open when attempting to open and fill from an external app. {#5073}
  • VoiceOver images in the Preferences > Accounts tab now read the account name for the account image. {#921}
  • Fixed an issue when changing the vault of an item in a detached window. {#3271}
  • Fixed an issue converting a Password item to a Login item in a detached window. {#3261}
  • Fixed an issue opening related items in a detached window. {#1875}
  • Resolved a case where the Safari extension would fail to establish its connection to 1Password. {#3574}
  • Fixed a bug that could cause 1Password to hang momentarily at start-up.
  • The error messages shown when encountering a problem with the 1Password database are now more helpful. {#1918}
  • Dark mode is now properly supported in the "Reset All 1Password Data" window. {#3617}
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent onepassword://search from working if triggered while locked. {#485}
  • Fixed an issue where invalid cache files were not being removed. {#3335}
  • Fixed an issue where changing the type of a new field could discard the field label. {#3473}
  • Fixed an issue when loading a malformed item. {#3522}
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the "items with attachments" search from working while in all vaults. {#393}
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the contents of All Vaults from loading immediately after setup. {#896}
  • Fixed an issue where 1Password would not quit when the last window was closed in some instances. {#3487}
  • Fixed an issue where closed detached windows could reappear when activating 1Password mini. {#3488}
  • Fixed an issue that prevented items from receiving "last modified" updates when removing a Tag using the sidebar. {#2775}
  • The 1Password window now responds correctly to double-clicking in the title bar area. {#3542}
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a failure to generate a two-factor authentication code if the secret or URL had invalid characters in it. {#3163}
  • Corrected a problem where clicking on the 1Password mini icon in the menu bar would sometimes do nothing while Chrome or Firefox was active.
  • When using ⌘+Shift+C to Copy a Password from 1Password mini it will now close the window after copying. {#3422}
  • Fixed an issue where 3rd Party App Integration could fail to open an item if a URL SHA wasn't included.
  • Watchtower now assumes credit cards expire at the end of the expiry month. {#3282}
  • Fixed an issue where words and phrases could not be selectively copied from notes fields. {#3304}
  • Fixed an issue in 1Password mini that prevented Markdown rendering in notes fields. {#3323}
  • The Private vault's name and description can no longer be changed. {#1695}
  • Fixed some cases where localized text wouldn't render correctly in Advanced Preferences. {#3313}
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the top of a markdown-formatted note field to be clipped. {#2490}
  • Items shown in detached windows now update if changed in the background. {#2849}
  • Fixed an issue where ⌘+\ would not fill if the URL was not an exact match.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented ⌘+O from pinning the currently visible item in 1Password mini. {#3301}
  • Fixed an issue that reloaded an item in 1Password mini when using keyboard shortcuts to scroll on macOS 10.12. {#3283}
  • Browser Preferences now display their correct values when you open the Preferences window. {#3208}
  • Fixed a graphical glitch when drawing the pop-out date picker in the item detail view. {#3206}
  • Corrected some logic that could cause updates to fail.
  • Fixed a potential slowdown issue after unlock. {#3213}
  • Fixed a regression in the Browser preferences layout when the language is set to German. {#3225}
  • Fixed an issue where "Detect Duplicate Items" would not find duplicates. {#3196}
  • Fixed an issue that allowed length of vault names longer than the 25 characters limit. {#3024}
  • Fixed an issue with corporate firewalls terminating the notifier connection due to lack of communication.
  • Fixed an issue that caused passwords to be generated twice each time a slider gem was clicked. {#3117}
  • VoiceOver now reports the item count when reading each category or tag. {#3114}
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused 1Password to prompt twice to save an edited item. {#2548}
  • Fixed the formatting of numeric passwords. {#3078, #3079}
  • Fixed a possible issue with slowdowns when viewing an items details. {#3034}
  • Fixed an issue where the menu showing items with duplicate passwords could be incorrect. {#2738}
  • Fixed an issue where a vault could be created with an empty Master Password. {#3019}
  • Fixed issue causing documents not to upload if still uploading during the version 6 to 7 upgrade. {#3006}
  • Resolved an issue that could cause certain settings to not be saved after doing a Reset all 1Password Data.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when selecting a vault image. {#3500}
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when editing the website fields on an item. {#3530}
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when downloading a document that was incorrectly uploaded without a name. {#3370}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when failing to decrypt an item. {#3392}
  • Fixed an issue where a crash could occur during search. {#3404}
  • Fixed a crash that users might see when syncing. {#3300}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if Google Chrome was in the middle of an update and a connection to 1Password was attempted.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash in certain new setup scenarios. {#3172}
  • Fixed a rare crash that occurred when rapidly scrolling past items with notes. {#2917}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when adding your account using the Preferences window {#5071}
  • Adding a 1Password account via the Accounts Found window no longer causes a crash on macOS 10.12. {#3623}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if an attachment icon was invalid. {#3584}


  • Fixed issue where item could be duplicated without permission. {#3588}
  • Fixed an issue that allowed drag and drop when it shouldn’t. {#3553}
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases travel mode would leave items in memory until next lock. {#3650}
  • 1Password will no longer restore clipboard contents after the expiration of a copied two-factor authentication code if the previous clipboard contents contain secure strings (e.g. previously copied passwords). {#2874}. Reported by Simon Welsh (@simon_w).