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公開 : 2022年5月26日

「VirusBarrier 10.9.60-3019 」が公開

NetUpdate経由にて、ウイルス対策ソフトの「VirusBarrier 10.9.60-3019」が公開されていました。


macOS Monterey に対応しています。

いつまでやっているか分かりませんが、Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 Subscriptions | MacHeistでIntego Mac Premium Bundle X9(VirusBarrier X9、NetBarrier X9、Mac Washing Machine X9、ContentBarrier X9、Personal Backup 10.9)が安く($19.99)購入できました。PayPal決済ができます。(2022年4月に3度目の購入)

公開 : 2022年5月25日

「OnyX 4.1.9 for macOS Monterey 12」が公開

Titanium Software - OnyXのページにて、メンテナンスアプリの「OnyX 4.1.9 for macOS Monterey 12」が公開されていました。


  •  Issue corrected that occurred when the computer was reading the screen capture file type
  • Deleting the junk items improved
  • Deleting the applications caches improved
  • Removing the Trash contents improved
  • Help updated, improved, and reindexed

公開 : 2022年5月18日

「SoundSource 5.5.1」が公開

Rogue Amoeba | SoundSource: A Superior Sound Controlのページにて、アプリ毎にボリュームやイコライザーの設定をすることができる、「SoundSource 5.5.1」が公開されていました。(有料)


  • Fix for Presets-Related Launch Issues
    In rare setups with saved presets for certain Audio Units, a bug introduced in SoundSource 5.5 could prevent the app from launching. The bug has been exterminated with much vengeance.
  • Clicking the first band of AUNBandEQ will no longer lead to a non-responsive UI, fixing a regression introduced in SoundSource 5.5.0.


  • Shortcuts Support Comes to SoundSource
    On MacOS 12 (Monterey) and higher, SoundSource now offers a slew of actions in the Shortcuts app. With them, you can automate many different things, including changing device volumes, setting effect presets, toggling effects processing, and much more.
  • Standard Audio Unit Presets
    SoundSource's saved Audio Unit effects presets can now be read by other applications which support Audio Units. As well, SoundSource will now read presets created by any other applications.
  • Audio Effect Nicknames
    It's now possible to give audio effects custom names. This is especially helpful if you're using multiple effects of the same type. Edit the title of each effect and you'll always know exactly what's what.
  • Improvements in ACE 11.8
    The Audio Capture Engine (ACE) has been updated to 11.8.0, with a workaround for issues with FaceTime volume when using the built-in microphone, as well as an improvement in dealing with poorly implemented Audio Units. Tracking of audio devices sample clocks now works better when the device is providing erroneous information, and CPU usage has been reduced.
  • SoundSource now properly recognizes audio from Stardew Valley, and correctly applies any effects or adjustments.
  • Improvements have been made for using the “Listento” effect from Audiomovers with SoundSource.
  • A graphical glitch which could occur when dragging plugin windows has been fixed.
  • A rare crash which could occur when an application's bundle identifier changes has been corrected.
  • “Volume Overdrive” now correctly appears at the end of the built-in effects list, not the beginning.
  • On MacOS 12 (Monterey) and MacOS 11 (Big Sur), visuals in various places throughout the app are now being provided by SF Symbols.
  • A small change has been made to the wording of the “Super Volume Keys” preference.
  • SoundSource’s “License” window now subtly shows the application's version number.
  • Fussy typography improvements have been made to the mailing list sign-up window shown at the fifth launch for new users, as well as the “Release Notes” window shown at the first launch of a new version, which you might be looking at right now!

公開 : 2022年5月17日

「iOS 15.5」が公開

iOS 15.5には、以下の機能改善とバグ修正が含まれます:

  • Apple PodcastにiPhoneに保存するエピソードの数を制限して、古いエピソードを自動的に削除する新しい設定を追加
  • ホームのメンバーが到着/出発したときにホームオートメーションが作動しない場合がある問題を修正


公開 : 2022年5月17日

「macOS Monterey 12.4」が公開

macOS Monterey 12.4(ソフトウェア・アップデート経由、要再起動。21E258 » 21F79)

macOS Monterey 12.4には、Apple Podcastの機能強化とバグ修正が含まれています。

  • Apple PodcastにMacに保存するエピソードの数を制限して、古いエピソードを自動的に削除する新しい設定を追加
  • 単独のアップデートとして入手可能な、Studio Displayファームウェア・アップデート15.5に対応し、ノイズ除去、コントラスト、フレーミングの改善など、カメラのチューニングが改善されます


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