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公開 : 2023年1月27日

「Cyberduck 8.5.5」が公開

8.1.0でApple SiliconにNative対応しました。

公開 : 2023年1月26日

「Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V3.1.4」が公開

ヤマハ | ソフトウェア - ダウンロードのページにて、「Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V3.1.4 for Mac macOS 11/12/13(Intel/Apple silicon)」が公開されていました。



  • 対応機種を追加しました。
  • macOS 13に対応しました。
  • 軽微な不具合を修正しました。

公開 : 2023年1月24日

「macOS Ventura 13.2」が公開

macOS Ventura 13.2(ソフトウェア・アップデート経由、1.55GB、要再起動。22C65 » 22D49)

このアップデートではiCloud用の高度なデータ保護とApple ID用のセキュリティキーが導入されます。このアップデートにはMacでのその他の機能向上とバグ修正も含まれます。

macOS Ventura App
カテゴリ: Utilities
価格: 無料

公開 : 2023年1月21日

「Audio Hijack 4.1.0」が公開

Rogue Amoeba | Audio Hijack: Record Any Audio on MacOSのページにて、アプリから出る音を個別録音することができる「Audio Hijack 4.1.0」が公開されていました。(有料。Ver.3からのアップグレードは有料になります)



  • A Greatly Enhanced “Session List” Window
    The Session List window, which contains all previously saved sessions, now works more like a familiar Finder window. This includes the following updates:    • Columns now have adjustable widths.    • In particular, the “Meters” column can be resized from 5 to 30 bars wide.    • The exact columns the window shows can be customized.    • Sorting is no longer limited to the “Name” column, with sorting based on all relevant columns now possible.    • New columns have been added, including “Recordings” (A count of recordings for each session) and “Timers” (A count of timers for each session), as well as a stand-alone “Meters” column.
  • A Greatly Enhanced Global Window, Too
    Audio Hijack’s global window optionally lives in the menu bar, providing access to the app even when it’s in the background. Now, this window has been substantially updated as well. Like the “Session List”, the Global window also now works more like a Finder window. This includes the following updates:    • Once detached, you can now control the height of the global window, resizing as you see fit.    • Once detached, columns now have adjustable widths. This also enables resizing of the entire window’s width.    • In particular, the “Meters” column can be resized from 5 to 30 bars wide.    • Once detached, you can now customize the exact columns the window shows.    • Sorting is no longer limited to the “Name” column, with sorting based on all relevant columns now possible.    • New columns have been added, including “Recordings” (A count of recordings for each session) and “Timers” (A count of timers for each session), as well as a stand-alone “Meters” column.    • Visuals have been improved when there are no saved sessions.
  • More Powerful “System Audio” Block
    The “System Audio” input block has always allowed you to capture all audio on your Mac. With this update, you can now exclude specific sources manually. As well, alert sounds like notification dings and error beeps can now optionally be included if you wish.
  • Improvements to the “Recording Inspector”
    The “Recording Inspector” window now provides the ability to rename files without needing to go to the Finder. Additional changes include the addition of new time readouts, new status indicators for active recordings, and further reorganization.
  • Standard Audio Unit Presets
    Audio Hijack’s saved Audio Unit presets can now be read by other applications which support Audio Units, including our own app SoundSource. As well, Audio Hijack will now read presets created by any other applications, again including our own app SoundSource.
  • “Recorder” Block Enhancements
    The “Recorder” popover has been refined to collapse to a very small size. This makes it ideal to pin for easy reference, no matter what app you have in the foreground. The “Recorder” block face also now features a helpful status icon when active.
  • Narrower Session Windows
    Session windows can now be shrunk way, way down, with a much smaller minimum size. Session meters are also now tied to the window width.
  • Scripting Enhancements
    As a result of useful feedback (thanks!), many enhancements have been made to Audio Hijack’s scripting. This includes the following updates:    • Automations are now smarter about running scripts that have been deleted.    • It is now more obvious that built-in scripts are read-only. To edit them, just duplicate and create your own custom version.    •Script logs have been improved, with proper font setting and simplified backend code. The log also now prints objects and arrays with formatting from console.log(), making working with the new tags dictionaries bearable.    • Other bug fixes have been made, along with better error logging when running scripts.
  • A new contextual menu has been added to the Session List window, allowing for fast duplicating, exporting, and deletion. Access it by control-clicking (or right-clicking) on a session in the list.
  • Meters throughout the application are now more animated, for better responsiveness.
  • When playing a recording in a session’s “Recordings” tab, you can now click the time readout on the right side of the recording to see a count down of the track’s remaining time.
  • The “Presets” window for any popover now floats at the same level as detached popovers, preventing it from getting hidden. Several other small issues with editing preset names have also been fixed.
  • The session delete button in the “Session List” window is now labeled “Delete Session”, for improved clarity.
  • Lists have been improved throughout the application, with better re-sorting behavior, improved handling of very large numbers of items, and more.
  • The “Control” menu now has correct “Run Session/Stop Session” options, matching the “Run/Stop” button found in the session window.
  • When all of a session’s recorder blocks are paused, statuses throughout the app now correctly report the session as “Running” rather than “Recording”.
  • The “Pause Recording” and “Split File” buttons found on “Recorder” blocks have been made easier to read in Light mode when the block is inactive.
  • Changes to recording titles are now reflected immediately in all cases, rather than only showing after a restart of Audio Hijack.
  • Several tooltips throughout the application were not properly updating based on state changes. Now? They are!
  • Audio Hijack now correctly saves presets for Audio Unit plugins even when preset folders haven't previously been created.
  • A rare crash which could be caused by timers firing too quickly has been worked around.
  • A graphical glitch which appeared to allow automatic connections to be deleted has been corrected.
  • Countdowns for timers now update more regularly in the background.
  • When the “Recordings” tab is selected in a session, keyboard navigation will now work to move up and down the list of recordings. Similar improvements are planned for the “Schedule” and “Scripting” tabs.
  • Waveforms in the “Recordings” tab once again draw correctly in all cases.
  • Errors with the Broadcast block now dismiss more reliably when corrections are made.
  • The “Comments” field now properly handles multiple lines in all instances throughout the app.
  • Fixes have been made so that “Undo” works correctly to remove recently added blocks.
  • Fixes have been made for assorted highlights throughout the app, including standardizing the blue color used and correcting an issue where text wouldn’t visually highlight properly.
  • A crashing bug related to syntax coloring in the editor portion of the “Script Library” window has been fixed.
  • It’s no longer possible to inadvertently create a block preset with a blank name, and that’s a good thing.
  • Delightful animations for deleting and undeleting blocks, missing since the release of Audio Hijack 4.0, have now been restored.
  • The “Podcast [Remote]” template has been improved, to avoid doubled-up audio. The “Voice Chat” template has also been tweaked, to avoid accidental connections.
  • Detached popovers now have background states, providing a subtle indication as to which block is currently selected.
  • The warning visuals for missing audio devices have been updated and improved.
  • The FLAC library has been updated to v1.4.2.
  • The icon for Audio Hijack’s “Scheduler” has been updated and modernized.
  • When it contains 2500 or more recordings, Audio Hijack will now warn about possible performance issues. If you hit this, we want to hear more!
  • Small adjustments have been made to the Settings window, particularly the layout of explanatory tiny text.
  • Tweaks have been made to deleting sessions from the Global window.

公開 : 2023年1月21日

「ファイル預かり処 3.3.0」を公開



  • [新規] マルチディスプレイ環境に対応しました。
  • [変更] 「マウスのカーソルの位置の近くにファイル預かり処を表示する」をデフォルトの動作に変更しました。
  • [修正] webarchiveファイル用アイコンが透過していなかったのを修正しました。

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