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「ForkLift 3.3.1」が公開

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BinaryNights Blogのページにて、FTPクライアントソフト「ForkLift 3.3.1」(有料)のリリースのお知らせがされていました。

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  • New Amazon AWS Region: Europe (Stockholm) aka eu-north-1
  • Open URL when holding the Option key
  • “Make Alias to” and “Make Symlink to” in the Commands menu and “Make Alias to” in the context menu when holding the Option key


  • Enforces all Amazon S3 Bucket naming restrictions
  • Disables the “Replace text” text field in the Multi Rename Window when replacing the entire text
  • Enhances the absolute and relative position of new ForkLift windows
  • Enhances the layout of new ForkLift windows
  • Reflects window and tab order in the data returned from AppleScript queries
  • Copy URL shows the full path
  • Option to change the Text Size in the View Options to bigger than 20


  • Fixes a GUI issue of the plus sign to add new rules in the Multi Rename Window which appeared when the appearance of the OS changed while ForkLift was running
  • Fixes an issue with Go To Folder when pasting the full path starting with a tilde (~) opened the file
  • Fixes an issue with not displaying modification dates in some languages
  • Fixes an issue with not displaying the Kind of Aliases and Symlinks correctly after removing the expressions alias or symlink from the name
  • Fixes an issue which prevented closing Activities when an alert dialog popped up in the background which also prevented interaction with the alert dialog
  • Fixes a possible crash when setting permissions of the System Volume
  • Fixes a possible data loss when creating a new file with a filename of an existing file
  • Fixes an issue with delayed double click to rename an item
  • Fixes an issue with Default Folder X not recognizing ForkLift when hovering over the ForkLift window
  • Fixes an issue with not recognizing text encoding and always defaulting to UTF-8 in the Preview Pane
  • Fixes an issue which made it possible to navigate outside of a pinned tab
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements


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