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「ForkLift 3.3.9」が公開

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ForkLift 3 - most advanced file manager and FTP client for macOSのページにて、FTPクライアントソフト「ForkLift 3.3.9」(有料)が公開されていました。



  • Adds text size up to 32 px


  • Enhanced, more responsive thumbnail preview in Icon View
  • Holding down the Option Key while clicking the Delete Button in the Toolbar permanently deletes the selected items
  • Enhanced Sync Browsing. You can turn on Sync Browsing even in a subfolder and the two panes will remain in sync in the given path as long as the two directory structures are the same
  • Improved the FTP compatibility with some FTP servers


  • Fixes a possible freeze when removing a lot of files from Quick Selection
  • Fixes the misalignment of the Activities button in the toolbar
  • Fixes a deletion issue of search results of items with the same names inside nested folders
  • Fixes a possible crash on SFTP caused by invalide dates
  • Fixes minor mistakes in the localizations
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements


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