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「Cyberduck 7.8.2」が公開

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  • Feature Updated application when running on macOS Big Sur
  • Bugfix Failure uploading large files with S3 compatible API (Backblaze B2) (#11233
  • Bugfix Failure uploading large using legacy S3 compatible API (Google Cloud Storage) (#11547
  • Bugfix MD5 mismatch error for uploads to Oracle Object Storage replacing object (#11548
  • Bugfix Missing empty prefix parameter leads to permission error with IAM policy containing restriction on prefix (#11549
  • Bugfix Interoperability with Oracle Object Storage using path style requests (#10956#11548
  • Bugfix Failure listing files with shortcut pointing to deleted file (Google Drive) 
  • Bugfix Allow configuration of path for Nextcloud & ownCloud connections (#11540
  • Bugfix Failure unlocking vaults on Google Storage (Cryptomator) (#11528
  • Bugfix Fix SSL session reuse on data channel (FTP, Windows)
  • Bugfix Failure running application (CLI, Linux)
  • Bugfix Recursive search yields no results (Google Drive) (#11424)


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