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「SoundSource 5.3.9」が公開

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Rogue Amoeba | SoundSource: A Superior Sound Controlのページにて、アプリ毎にボリュームやイコライザーの設定をすることができる、「SoundSource 5.3.9」が公開されていました。(有料)

  • SoundSource now includes AirPods 3-specific art.
  • When the SoundSource window is pinned, clicking the menu bar icon will now reveal it, instead of calling it back to the menu bar.
  • SoundSource's volume sliders have been improved, dimming the thumb when muted, and unmuting when the knob is moved.
  • An issue where Firefox audio could appear twice in SoundSource, under a “plugin-container” process, has been rectified.
  • As a result of changes to MacOS, the Shortcuts app erroneously showed non-functional Shortcuts for SoundSource. This has been corrected, and we hope to add proper Shortcuts support to SoundSource in the future.
  • In future updates (5.3.9+), SoundSource's update progress bar will no longer float above all windows while your download is in progress.


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