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「SoundSource 5.5.7」が公開

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Rogue Amoeba | SoundSource: A Superior Sound Controlのページにて、アプリ毎にボリュームやイコライザーの設定をすることができる、「SoundSource 5.5.7」が公開されていました。(有料)


  • Full MacOS 13.1 Compatibility
    SoundSource now provides full audio capture on MacOS 13.1, with no known issues.
  • Improvements in ACE 11.9.2
    The ACE audio capture engine has been updated to provide full audio capture on MacOS 13.1.
  • SoundSource’s keyboard-based volume adjustments now better match the operating system.
  • A rare crash which could occur when SoundSource launched at login has been fixed.


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