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「AnyTrans for iOS 7.0.0」が公開

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【公式】AnyTransダウンロードのページにて、iTunes代替アプリの「AnyTrans for iOS 7.0.0」が公開されていました。


AnyTrans® Tech Specifications

  • Optimized the main and navigation interface to facilitate the use of AnyTrans.
  • Introduced Ringtone Manager function to customize ringtone or text tone and sync personalized ringtone to iPhone.
  • Added App Downloader function to download app from App Store, or update and install app from App Library to your iOS device directly.
  • Introduced Home Screen Manager function to arrange, clean, back up or restore home screen for iOS device.
  • Optimized Merge and Clone function to provide you with better transfer experience.
    Fixed some minor bugs.

AnyTransは永久ライセンス(lifetime upgrades)のものを買うべき | MacFeeling Blog


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