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「NetNewsWire 6.1.2」が公開

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NetNewsWire: Free and Open Source RSS Reader for Mac and iOSのページにて、RSS Readerの「NetNewsWire 6.1.2」が公開されていました。

  • Twitter integration has been removed: Twitter has suspended NetNewsWire, and Twitter is removing free access to the Twitter API
  • Since Twitter does not provide RSS feeds, we’ve had to use the Twitter API. Without free access to that API, we can’t read feeds from Twitter.
  • We’ve left your Twitter feeds intact. If you have any starred items from those feeds, they will remain as long as you don’t delete those feeds.
  • You can still read whatever you have already downloaded. However, those feeds will no longer update.
  • Fixed a crashing bug that could happen in the sidebar
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent users from accessing BazQux if an article was missing a fieldFixed an issue that could prevent Feedly users from syncing if they tried to mark too many articles as read at the same time
  • Updated the Safari extension icon (credit to Louie Mantia for the new icon)


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